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The Planck Process Coordinator

The Planck Process Coordinator (ProC) is a scientific workflow engine, which has originally been designed for use within the Planck Surveyor project. The ProC executes modules (“jobs”) which can be combined to sub-workflows. Modules and sub-workflows in turn can be combined into executable workflows.

Figure: The GUI of the Planck Process Coordinator (ProC) workflow engine. The ProC is mainly used within the Planck Surveyor project, but may be used for organizing the execution of other scientific tasks, including simulations and data analysis.

The ProC is a multithreaded application implemented in Java and XML. It operates in a data-driven, forward-chaining mode, with the capability to execute many jobs in parallel. To this end the ProC offers a standard parallel control element and its variant, the so-called sampler control element.

The ProC offers a sophisticated mechanism of logging workflow-specific information. It may be operated in a file-based standalone mode, or in conjunction with the Planck Data Management Component.