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The Remote Telescope Markup Language (RTML) for



OpenTel is based on the Remote Telescope Markup Language (RTML) developed by the Heterogeneous Telescope Networks (HTN) consortium. It is a standard for describing
  • Observation Requests
  • Telescopes

in heterogeneous telescope networks.

The OpenTel package provides examples of RTML descriptions of telescopes and observations. They can also serve as templates.

RTML and XML editors

Although RTML can be directly edited with text editors, a better way to modify and extend RTML is with XML editors.

RTML is an XML dialect and is defined by a schema. If this is imported to an XML editor, modifications to RTML document can be automatically verified and only valid documents are created. The figure below illustrates usage of  the XML editor of Eclipse 3.3 for editing an RTML observation request. In the example filters can be selected form a list of available telescope devices.



The Eclipse development platform can be obtained from http://www.eclipse.org/ .