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The Telescope Map


The Telescope Map is an interactive web browser user interface to display information about telescopes in the network.
The information includes static properties of devices installed to the telescopes, such as filters, but also dynamic information such as clouds and daytime.

The Telescope Map can support observers in selecting appropriate telescopes for their observation and in the manual creation of telescope lists for a the scheduler.

The information is received through SPARQL queries from Stellaris, the information service of AstroGird-D. The display uses Google Maps and the Simile Timeline.


The Telescope Map can a accessed at http://is.astrogrid-d.org/map/telescopes.html.


Download and Installation

The latest version can be downloaded from the SVN repository:

svn co svn://svn.gac-grid.org/software/timeline/trunk timeline  

The Telescope Map is configured by setting the URIs to MDS and Stellaris (http://stellaris.astrogrid-d.org/) in gridmap/servemap.py.
The start stop script called timeline should be copied or linked to /etc/init.d/ folder.
Starting is also possible by the command:
python gridmap/servemap.py


Mikael Högqvist (hoegqvist at zib.de)
Frank Breitling (fbreitling at aip.de)