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The Telescope Timeline


The Telescope Timeline is an interactive web browser user interface for monitoring the activity of the robotic telescopes. The example below shows the observations of STELLA-I of the AIP.

Each observation is displayed by a horizontal bar, which indicates the start and end time of an observation. The interactive Ajax widget contains three time bands of different resolution. When shifted by the mouse different observation periods are shown. Further information is displayed on selection of an observation. All information displayed is retrieve from the AstroGrid-D information service Stellaris by SPARQL queries. The information is continuously updated by the telescope via database triggers.

The Telescope Timeline is an example for the AstroGrid-D metadata management.


The service can be accessed at http://is.astrogrid-d.org/timeline/telescopes.html .



Download and Installation

The latest version can be downloaded from the SVN repository:

svn co svn://svn.gac-grid.org/software/timeline/trunk timeline  

The Telescope Timeline is configured by setting the URIs to MDS and Stellaris (http://stellaris.astrogrid-d.org/) in gridmap/servemap.py.
The start stop script called timeline should be copied or linked to /etc/init.d/ folder.
Starting is also possible by the command:

python gridmap/servemap.py


Mikael Högqvist (hoegqvist at zib.de)
Frank Breitling (fbreitling at aip.de)