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The Broker

The OpenTel broker can generate a list of telescopes based on selection criteria, such as special telescope devices. An example is a special filter needed for an observation. The list of telescopes can then be used to schedule an observation with all telescopes in the list. This is useful to increase the likelihood for the observation to be conducted or for generating schedules for longterm observations (see Scheduler).


The command for starting the broker is

photon:~/ot-examples$ ot-broker /opt/OpenTel/broker/examples/req.n3 >| tellist.txt

The requirements are presented in an RDF file with notation 3.

@prefix : <http://is.astrogrid-d.org/2008/02/14/opentel#>.
@prefix OTR: <http://is.astrogrid-d.org/2008/02/14/opentelrequest#>.
:req1 a OTR:REQ;
OTR:MinLatitude 0;
OTR:MaxLatitude 60;
OTR:MinLongitude -120;
OTR:MaxLongitude 12;
OTR:MinAltitude 1200;
OTR:MaxAltitude 3500.

The result is a list of the fully qualified domain names of the telescopes.
The contents of tellist.txt is shown below