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Upgrade of the Globus toolkit

If the original setup was performed according to the Globus Installation (GACSI) instructions, update to a newer version is rather simple.

1. Compile

Download and unpack the source code of the new Globus version to a local directory.
Compile it, using the gt4.cfg file from the globus-helper package (see the corresponding GACSI chapter for more details.)
In this file, a Globus installation directory specified for the new version.

2. Copy gsissh configuration

cp old_globus_location/etc/ssh/ssh_config new_installation_directory/etc/ssh/ssh_config
cp old_globus_location/etc/ssh/sshd_config new_installation_directory /etc/ssh/sshd_config
Or edit new_installation_directory/etc/ssh/ssh_config and new_installation_directory/etc/ssh/sshd_config and set the port to 2222.

3. Install fetch-crl script

From the globus-helper subdirectory
run the script

4. Configure Ganglia / MDS

Follow the instructions

5. GRAM Audit Logging

Follow the instructions

6. Stop the old Globus daemon

Stop the Globus container using /etc/init.d/globus stop

7. Link

Change the soft link in /usr/local/globus/gtk so it points to the new installation directory.

8. Sudoers

Using the command visudo, update the suoders file to list the new installation directory (necessary since sudo does not allow links to be used in the file)

9. Ready

Start the Globus container using /etc/init.d/globus start.
If it fails, start bug fixing by using the -debug option as described in GACSI.