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13. SGAS - SweGrid Accounting System

Part of the SGAS software functionality is used for host monitoring.
As user globus:
tar xzf sgas-2.0-installer.tar.gz
cd sgas-2.0-installer
./install.sh /usr/local/globus/sgas-2.0
cp -p /usr/local/globus/sgas-2.0/lib/sgas*.jar $GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib

Add the contents of /usr/local/globus/sgas-2.0/etc/wsgram.conf as child elements of the <service> element belonging to the ManagedJobFactoryService GRAM service configuration in $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/gram-service/server-config.wsdd.

Add to the crontab of the user globus:

# Move SGAS Usage Records to Stellaris Database
LOGDIR = /usr/local/globus/sgas-2.0/var/log/jarm
URATTS = xmlns:urwg="http://www.gridforum.org/2003/ur-wg xmlns:grddl="http://www.w3.org/2003/g/data-view#" grddl:transformation="http://www.gac-grid.org/project-products/Software/xml2rdf/xml2rdf21.xsl"
URHOST = http://is.astrogrid-d.org/files/hosts/
* * * * * for UR in `ls $LOGDIR/urs/* 2>/dev/null`; do sed -i "2s!\(!\1 $URATTS>!" $UR && curl $URHOST${HOSTNAME-other}/urs/ -sT $UR && rm $UR; done; rm $LOGDIR/* 2>/dev/null
Restart the globus container with sudo /etc/init.d/globus restart!